Cylindrical Near-Field Range

altCylindrical near-field systems are particularly suited for antennas with long, narrow structures or are designed to emit a fan beam pattern.

Cylindrical near-field measurement approaches provide another means of antenna measurement from which users can choose. Instead of scanning and mapping data in a sphere around the device under test as in the spherical near-field system, a cylindrical coordinate configuration is used. There are various ways of implementing a cylindrical scan. One common way is shown below where the test antenna is stepped in angle on a rotary platform as the probe is scanned in one linear axis parallel to the rotary axis. This approach provides complete angular coverage of the antenna in one plane while the other plane is truncated by the end points of the linear scanner.

The MI-350 Advanced Microwave Measurement System provides the ideal complement of measurement equipment to execute these measurements.

Along with the optional MI-3045 Near-Field Cylindrical Analysis Software, a full line of options are available for positioners and scanners. MI Technologies offers end-to-end solutions, from one supplier.




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