Hardware-in-the-Loop (HWIL)

Portable Anechoic ChamberRF guided missile developers require flight simulation of their target engagements to develop their RF seeker. This usually involves the seeker mounted on a Flight Motion Simulator (FMS) as well as an RF Target Simulator that simulates the signature and motion of the target. Missile intercept engagements are unique in that they involve highly dynamic relative motion in a short period of time. This puts demanding requirements on the RF target simulator to adequately present the desired phase slope, amplitude and polarization to the seeker antenna and electronics under test.

MI Technologies offers an advanced RF Target Simulator for use in Hardware-in-The-Loop (HWIL) applications like FMS and target emulation. The RF Target Simulator provides a controlled RF environment for characterizing RF seekers being developed for ground to air intercept engagements. The RF Target Simulator simulates the motion of the desired target and produces an appropriate RF return based on the relative geometry between it and the missile seeker under test. It is used in conjunction with the seeker mounted on a flight motion simulator.  It supports the development and validation of the seeker's acquisition and tracking algorithms with both the seeker and the target under dynamic motion.


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