MI offers the highest performance solutions based on the broadest range of measurement techniques available, including near-field, far-field, missile testing (HWIL), wireless and compact range technologies for Antenna, RCS and Radome testing in combination with our multi-faceted technology with our precision electromechanical systems.

Antenna Test & Measurement

Antenna Under TestMI Technologies is the leading supplier of RF and Microwave antenna test and measurement products, systems and services worldwide. Our automated test and measurement equipment support a broad spectrum of RF and Microwave applications including Antenna, Radome, Radar Cross Section (RCS) and Automotive Telematics in near-field, far-field and compact range configurations.



GPS 111 Range 08The anechoic chambers that house our Compact Range equipment are a vital part of the test and measurement system, providing a secure, radiation-free test environment. MI Technologies is proud to team with a number of quality suppliers to provide structures, absorber and other equipment needed to meet your Compact Range and Anechoic Chamber requirements.


Compact Range Systems

Reflector02A Compact Range provides freedom and flexibility for your test schedule because it is unaffected by weather conditions and the time of day. In addition, measurements are not affected by wind gusts and temperature inversions which can degrade phase and position data or skew the RF beam.


Far-Field Systems

Outdoor Far-Field RangeFar-field testing can be accomplished in either outdoor or indoor configurations. The most common far-field test ranges are outdoor facilities. In an outdoor far-field range, the test antenna is installed on the test positioner located on a tower, roof or platform outside the instrumentation control room.


Hardware-in-the-Loop (HWIL)

Portable Anechoic ChamberRF guided missile developers require flight simulation of their target engagements to develop their RF seeker. This usually involves the seeker mounted on a Flight Motion Simulator (FMS) as well as an RF target simulator that simulates the signature and motion of the target.


MI-350 Advanced Microwave Measurement System

MI-3000-Arena-Great-Photo-ImageThe MI-350 Advanced Microwave Measurement System (AMMS) is composed of several configurable MI Technologies products. These products are designed to be fundamental building blocks that enable the MI-350 AMMS to encompass the widest possible range of applications.


Near-Field Systems

Spherical-Near-Field-RangeNear-field test ranges are typically indoor configurations that occupy a relatively small space. This type of range uses a small RF probe antenna that is scanned over a surface surrounding the test antenna.


Radar Cross Section (RCS)

RCS Test in Compact Range

Radar Cross Section or RCS measurements have become increasingly important to military customers worldwide. RCS is the projected area of a sphere that has the same radar return as the target. The power received by a radar for a target indicates how well the radar can detect or track that target. For this reason, there is an ongoing effort to reduce the RCS of such objects as missiles, ships, tanks and aircraft.


Radome Measurement Test Systems

Closed Radome10 smallRadomes must be tested to exacting standards to ensure reliable performance. MI Technologies offers test measurement systems and a full range of test and measurement services at its state-of-the-art facility in Atlanta, GA, USA. Our insistence on measurement integrity and culture of close customer interaction ensures that quality and safety is maintained throughout the program. 



Automotive TelematicsTelematics is the combination of communication and information technology in vehicles. With the addition of new consumer-oriented services, cars are becoming ‘antenna farms’ with as many as 10 to 20 antennas mounted on them for cell phones, GPS, satellite radio, collision avoidance, automated tolling, traffic monitoring, personal area networking and AM/FM radio.