MI-3010 Analysis Only Workstation


The MI-3010 Analysis-Only Workstation is a combination of physical computer components and MI-3000 Arena™ software that is designed to provide an analysis workstation for processing and display of MI-3000 data. downloadpdf This workstation does not include any instrumentation interfaces. However, the computer chassis used is identical to the one used in the MI-3001 Data Acquisition and Analysis Workstation. This allows the MI-3010 to act as a backup control computer for instrumentation with the addition of instrumentation control interfaces.


The following products are included with the standard MI-3010 Workstation:

  • Industrial grade workstation
  • Color printer
  • MI-3040 Core Capabilities Software
  • MI-3042 Antenna Analysis Software
  • MI-3000 Arena Operator Manual (PDF Format)
  • MI-3010 Administrator Manual (PDF Format)
  • MI-3042 Analysis Manuals (PDF Format)

Additional Options

The MI-3010-SW products offer the analysis and display capabilities of the MI-3000 without the workstation hardware. This software only product is offered in single seat or volume licenses. Contact MI Technologies for more information. MI Technologies offers optional hardware configurations to optimize operations to customer requirements and desires.

Optional hardware items available include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Secondary display monitors
  • Large display monitors
  • Multiple disk drives
  • External USB disk drives
  • Video capture interface
  • High performance printers
  • Remote control as with PC Anywhere™ software

Contact MI Technologies with specific requirements.


MI-3000-UPS-60: 110 Vac/60 Hz uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

MI-3000-UPS-50: 240 Vac/50 Hz uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that provides IEC 60320 connectors for use in countries with 240 Vac/50 Hz power.

MI Technologies Customer Support Organization offers installation and training packages with the MI-3010 as needed. Maintenance programs for both hardware and software are also available.