MI-3003 Acquisition and Analysis Workstation


downloadpdfThe MI-3003 Data Acquisition and Analysis Workstation combines physical computer components, MI-3000 Arena™ software to provide control and analysis for an instrumentation system using third party receivers, sources and position controllers. This configuration supports receivers, spectrum analyzers, power meters, sources and vector network analyzers from several manufacturers. 


  • Industrial-grade workstation
  • Color printer
  • A National Instruments GPIB Controller Interface and Software
  • MI-3040 Core Capabilities Software
  • MI-3041 Acquisition Software
  • MI-3042 Antenna Analysis Software
  • Software drivers for the source, receiver and position controller
  • MI-3000 Operator Manual (PDF Format)
  • MI-3003 Administrator Manual (PDF Format)
  • MI-3042 Analysis Manuals (PDF Format)


MI-3000-UPS-60: 110 Vac/60 Hz uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

MI-3000-UPS-50: 240 Vac/50 Hz uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that provides IEC 60320 connectors for use in countries with 240 Vac/50 Hz power.

MI Technologies Customer Support Organization offers installation and training packages with the MI-3003 as needed. Maintenance programs for both hardware and software are also available.

Examples of Supported Instruments


Network Analyzers:

  • Agilent ENA or PNA, PNA-L, PNA-X, PNA-XR
  • Anritsu 37000 Series
  • Rohde & Schwartz ZVA/ZVB

Spectrum Analyzers:

  • Agilent 440X, 444X, 9000

Power Meters:

  • Anritsu 243X Series, 249X Series
  • Agilent 191X Series


  • MI 31XX Series
  • Agilent PSG, MXG
  • Anritsu 369X Series

Position Controllers

  • MI-4190 Family
  • MI-710 Family
  • MI-7112S Series