MI-3001 Acquisition and Analysis Workstation

MI-3001The MI-3001 features a pre-configured control for the MI-2097 or new MI-350 Advanced Microwave Measurement System and an industrial-grade workstation running Microsoft Windows.

The baseline MI-3001 Data Acquisition and Analysis Workstation combines physical computer components with the MI-3000 Arena™ series software to provide control and analysis for an MI-350. This includes the MI-3120 Signal Sources, the MI-750 Advanced Digital Receiver and MI-710C Integrated Position Controller. downloadpdf Instruments are configured and controlled using primarily a LAN interface. Data is collected from the receiver and the position controller interface using the Data Acquisition Co-Processor or the MI-788 Networked Acquisition Controller.



  • Industrial grade workstation
  • Color printer
  • National Instruments GPIB Controller Interface and software
  • MI-3040 Core Capabilities Software
  • MI-3041 Acquisition Software
  • MI-3042 Antenna Analysis software
  • MI-3022-RCV-750 Software Driver for the MI-750 Receiver
  • MI-3030-SRC-31XX Software Driver for the MI-3100 Sources
  • MI-3024-POS-710C Software Driver for the MI-710C Position Controllers
  • MI-3028-AUX-DAC Driver for the Data Acquisition Co-Processor
  • MI-3000 Arena™ Operator Manual (PDF Format)
  • MI-3001 Administrator Manual (PDF Format)
  • MI-3042 Analysis Manuals (PDF Format)

Additional Hardware Options

MI Technologies offers quote optional hardware configurations to optimize operations to customer requirements and desires. Optional hardware items available include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Secondary display monitors
  • Large display monitors
  • Multiple disk drives
  • External USB disk drives
  • Video capture interface
  • Second computer and software for offline analysis
  • High performance printers
  • Remote control software

Contact MI Technologies with specific requirements.


MI-3000-UPS-60: 110 Vac/60 Hz uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

MI-3000-UPS-50: 240 Vac/50 Hz uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that provides IEC 60320 connectors for use in countries with 240 Vac/50 Hz power.

MI Technologies Customer Support Organization offers installation and training packages with the MI-3001 as needed. Maintenance programs for both hardware and software are also available.