MI-3000 Data Acquisition, Analysis and Workstation Products

MI-3000 Workstation

downloadpdfCreating and supporting productive test and measurement environments. Streamlined, fully automated workstations and software for antenna, radome and radar cross-section measurements. From setup to analysis and reports, the MI-3000 Family of Workstations and Software Products delivers fully automated antenna and microwave measurements.

With MI Technologies’ open architecture design, you can be confident that the MI-3000 test and measurement equipment you choose today will be compatible with your system tomorrow.

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Create Your Own Environment

The MI-3000 Arena™ includes a specially designed user interface to create and support productive test and measurement processes to meet your unique requirements. Whether you collect data for research and development, analyze test and measurement data, take quick test patterns or perform repetitive tasks the MI-3000’s Arena™ software delivers the right tools to meet your needs.

Quick Pattern environment lets you easily collect and plot data in a focused, straightforward manner. Easily define and store system setups for data collection and use these setups again and again. Quick Pattern also provides a convenient link from its plot feature for optional data analysis.

When you need full test and measurement capability at hand, the Standard environment provides access to all the features of the MI-3000 at your fingertips. Seamlessly integrating collected data with a host of analysis functions and manipulation tools, the Standard environment provides the data and reports you need with the fewest ‘clicks’ start to finish.

The Tool Kit environment allows you to easily set up test and measurement processes for repeatability. Create a Tool Kit to perform any repetitive task by simply ‘dragging and dropping’ the processes into your setup mode, name it and with one ‘click,’ let it run.

Faster Acquisition, Analysis and Results

Fast, Intuitive Software Modules

MI-3000 Arena™ software applications control and collect data from a wide variety of MI Technologies and third-party instruments. Common user interfaces and separate software drivers for each instrument provide a flexible platform to allow you to configure the best measurement system to meet your test requirements. Purchase only the components required for your application and environment. Additional instrument drivers and optional software applications can be added as needed with assured compatibility.

Flexible Environments

From quick antenna scans for simple comparison, to full data analysis the MI-3000 Arena™ interface environments have the solution to meet your needs. Designed to streamline microwave measurement functions, the MI-3000 Arena™ environments offer flexibility, ease-of-use and straight-forward processes to get the job done.

Select the:

  • Quick Pattern environment to collect and plot data quickly and store system setups for data collection over and over again.
  • Standard environment to bring all the test and analysis functions of the MI-3000 to your fingertips.
  • Tool Kit environment for fast and easy set up of processes to complete repetitive tasks.

The MI-3000 Arena™ interface environments provide unmatched flexibility, speed and simplicity.

It’s All About the Data

MI Technologies workstations make full use of the Windows® operating systems and interface easily with Microsoft Office®.

MI-3000 configuration, data and output files are produced in the Microsoft Access® format and can be easily exported to ASCII, or MATLAB for fast reports or additional processing. In addition, data in Excel may be imported into the MI-3000 format.

Compatible Products

The MI-3000 family of pre-configured workstations is designed to work in your test environment. Whether you use the MI-350 Advanced Microwave Measurement System (AMMS), older MI Technologies instrumentation or third-party instruments, the MI-3000 workstations and software modules deliver the test, measurement and analysis features you need.

Software Options

The MI-3000’s optional software modules, combined with the basic component software, give you the flexibility to meet a wide range of test and measurement requirements. Any of the optional processing packages can be added to any of the workstations.

Optional software modules include: