MI-3065 Test Zone Analysis



The MI-3065 Test Zone Analysis Software is an integrated package for analyzing antenna range field probe data. It insures that processing is consistent and data results are presented in a uniform and organized manner.

An important data acquisition process in the certification and analysis of antenna ranges is to probe the zone in which the antenna under test (AUT) is placed. The complete area within which an AUT may reside is termed the “test zone”. For a compact range, the test zone is also termed the “quiet zone”. The quality of the field in the test zone is a primary factor in the final accuracy of antenna measurement data on an AUT.

The normal method of probing a test zone is to mount a linear apparatus with a moving antenna probe in the test zone and to collect data in a scanned fashion at multiple RF/MW frequencies, orientations and positions of the apparatus. An extensive set of scans can map the quality of the field in the test zone.

The MI-3065 Test Zone Analysis software provides the capability to analyze these scans against the standard metrics which evaluate the quality of the test zone and to produce both a concise tabular analysis and annotated plots of the scan data.

Test Zone Metrics

The MI-3065 Test Zone Analysis package is adjunct software to the MI-3000 Arena™ Data Acquisition & Analysis Software. The MI-3000 is used to collect field probe scan data and the MI-3065 provides analysis of the scans for the parameters of:

  • 3065 Figure_1Amplitude Taper
  • Amplitude Ripple
  • Amplitude Symmetry
  • Phase Taper
  • Phase Ripple
  • Phase Slope

These parameters are evaluated across a user defined quiet zone within the scans. In addition, field probes scans taken during the focus and alignment phase of an antenna range can be processed to assist in aligning the range more quickly.


The MI-3065 package operates on standard MI-3000 data files in the Microsoft Access® format. The data files are collected with an MI phase probe that has been integrated into the normal positioner system of a range or a field probe specific positioning system. These data files are single scan files and can contain from 1 to 1024 frequencies. Each data file is assumed to represent a combination of the scan axis taken, such as vertical or horizontal cuts, range antenna polarization and field probe antenna polarization, such as vertical or horizontal.

The MI-3065 package is designed to operate as a “plug-in” to the MI-3000 Arena™ Data Acquisition and Analysis software. However, the MI-3065 can operate in a stand-alone fashion without the MI-3000.

Installation of the program requires less than 100 MB of disk space and can operate in either a Microsoft Windows XP® or Windows 7® environment. If the MI-3000 is not installed, the computer must have Microsoft Access® installed for operation. Any version of Access® 2003 or later is acceptable.

The user interface module allows the operator to:

  • Select MI-3000 data files for processing
  • Convert them to the MI-3000 ASCII text format
  • Define the quiet zone size
  • Build a consolidated Microsoft Excel® file that contains a summary of the results of all of the files processed