MI-3062 Ground Plane Data Simulator

Ground Plane Data

For some measurement applications such as testing of antennas on automotive vehicles, spherical near-field data is collected over a ground plane. The presence of the ground plane limits measurements to one hemisphere or less about the device under test. This limitation introduces significant errors into the measurement as a result of truncation of the near-field data and other ground plane effects. The MI-3062 Ground Plane Data Simulator provides the user the capability of compensating for the effects of the ground plane by synthesizing appropriate data in the hemisphere near and below the ground plane.downloadpdf

The program accepts several user parameters to drive how data is synthesized for any missing data in the hemisphere above the ground plane and below. For the data synthesized in the hemisphere below the ground plane, the user can select to represent the lower hemisphere as null data, representing an absorber covered ground plane or the image of the upper hemisphere, representing a metal ground plane.

The output of the analysis is a new data file. This file contains the original data along with the fill in and lower hemisphere data.

Requires MI-3046 Spherical Near-Field analysis software. Data must be collected in a spherical near-field compatible coordinate system.