MI-3060 EIRP Analysis


The MI-3060 EIRP Analysis software computes the EIRP (Equivalent Isotropically Radiated Power) of a transmitting antenna. The EIRP measurement capability is designed to give the operator several choices in obtaining a peak level EIRP with the option of normalizing any number of multi-axis scans. These choices are available to accommodate the many different test setups and preferences that may be encountered. The combination of this analysis and the MI-3000 data collection and sequencing capability comprise a complete EIRP measurement capability.

Appropriate power meter or spectrum analyzer is required, as are appropriate couplers, etc. The AUT must be mounted at the range transmit location or the range must have a reversal MI-3060 Datasheetcapability.

The MI-3060 EIRP Analysis software can be used interactively or called from the Sequencer as part of a Visual Basic Script. MI provides software options for conducting near-field or far-field tests.

MI-3060-FF EIRP Analysis

Supported far-field measurement techniques:

  • A spectrum analyzer or power meter is used as the receiver with a standard gain horn as the receive antenna. The range length and losses for both transmit and receive must be known.
  • The AUT is used to transmit to the SGH as the receive antenna and the normal system receiver is used to measure the received signal. A power meter is used to measure the transmit power level before the AUT. The range length is not needed for this technique.

MI-3060-NF EIRP Analysis

The supported near-field measurement technique:

  • A spectrum analyzer or power meter is used to measure the transmit power level and the AUT transmit data is collected with the system receiver.

Note: Near-field operations require a phase capable receiver.