MI-3048 RCS Analysis

RCS Analysis

The RCS analysis software provides the capability to process data acquired in an RCS acquisition. Functions are provided to compensate for background subtraction and target calibration. The corrected data can be processed to generate various outputs such as RCS versus frequency, aspect; RCS versus downrange, aspect; cross-range; focused/unfocussed ISAR imaging; temporal doppler, and range walk among others. Zero doppler subtraction and software gating functions are also provided. downloadpdf The MI-3048 also includes an RCS drift correction utility to compensate for drift in long RCS acquisitions. With the MI-3048 software gating function, RCS data can be collected with a CW system. However, to use the software gating function, all data must be collected in a multiple frequency mode. Consult MI Technologies for available gating systems.

RCS analysis solutions are subject to U.S. export restrictions.