MI-3047 Radome Analysis

Radome Plot

The MI-3047 Radome Analysis software module extends the basic acquisition and analysis software with capabilities to perform radome acquisition and analysis.

The analysis functions include:

  • Transmission Efficiency - radome-induced change in transmitted or received power
  • Beam Deflection - radome-induced shift in the sum beam peak
  • Boresight Error - radome-induced shift in the monopulse null location
  • Beam Deflection Rate - rate of change in boresight error versus aspect angle
  • Radome Reflectivity - radome-induced change in power reflected from the antenna after mounting the radome
  • Pattern Distortion - radome-induced change in key parameters that characterize the pattern of the antenna.


The parameters of interest are: gain, null-fill-in, beamwidth, cross-over beamwidth, imbalance of first side lobes, unbalance of difference pattern primary lobes, change of 1st and 2nd side lobe levels, identification of reflection lobes.

DO-213 specifications and parameters can be applied as thresholds to the transmission efficiency and pattern distortion options. Custom thresholds are also supported.

Radome measurement systems are unique from application to application. Radome analysis solutions may be subject to export restriction. Consult MI Technologies about requirements.