MI-3045 Cylindrical Near-Field Analysis

Cylindrical Near-Field Setup

The CNF Analysis Software processes raw cylindrical near-field data acquired with the MI-3041 acquisition module.

The processing consists of:

  1. Correction for system errors associated with thermal drift, receiver-linearity, and system losses.
  2. Transformation of the corrected near-field data to the far-field using NIST developed algorithms.
  3. Final output processing can be performed on the farzone electric field to provide data in various coordinate systems and polarization conventions.

downloadpdfAdditional features are included to assist with performing high accuracy cylindrical near-field measurements. Correction for the pattern, input characteristics and gain of the probe used in the measurement is supported by the transformation software. Probe data may be acquired with the MI-3000 Arenaâ„¢ software on a far-field range, single and dual-ported probe data may be imported from ASCII or Microsoft Excel or probe data may be simulated for open-ended rectangular waveguide probes such as the MI-6970 Family of Probes.

Antenna aperture diagnostic support is included in the software. The user can choose to back-transform the far-field data to the aperture plane of the antenna under test or to an arbitrary plane in front of the antenna. For antenna arrays where the antenna element patterns are known, the user can choose to remove the element pattern from the data for the best estimate of the array element excitations.

Data must be collected with an appropriate cylindrical near-field measurement system.