MI-3000 Arena Add-In Products

MI-3046 Spherical Near-Field Analysis

MI-3046 Screenshot

The SNF Analysis Software processes raw spherical near-field data acquired with the MI-3041 acquisition module. The software allows the far-field results to be presented in a variety of spherical coordinate systems and polarization systems.


MI-3048 RCS Analysis

RCS Analysis

The RCS analysis software provides the capability to process data acquired in an RCS acquisition. Functions are provided to compensate for background subtraction and target calibration. The corrected data can be processed to generate various outputs such as RCS versus frequency, aspect; RCS versus downrange, aspect; cross-range; focused/unfocussed ISAR imaging; temporal doppler, and range walk among others.


MI-3043 Advanced Antenna Pattern Correction


The MI-3043 Advanced Antenna Pattern Correction (AAPC) software enhances the accuracy of antenna pattern measurements. This is very useful for characterizing low side lobe antennas. The analysis package operates by mathematically analyzing several measurements of an antenna to characterize the interference signals across the pattern of the antenna.


MI-3044 Planar Near-Field Analysis

MI-3044 Screenshot

The Planar Near-Field Analysis Software processes raw near-field data acquired with the MI-3041 acquisition module. This analysis software includes additional features to assist with performing high-accuracy planar near-field measurements. Correction for the pattern, input characteristics and gain of the probe used in the measurement is supported by the transformation software.


MI-3045 Cylindrical Near-Field Analysis

Cylindrical Near-Field Setup

The CNF Analysis Software processes raw cylindrical near-field data acquired with the MI-3041 acquisition module. Additional features are included to assist with performing high accuracy cylindrical near-field measurements.


MI-3047 Radome Analysis

Radome Plot

The MI-3047 Radome Analysis software module extends the basic acquisition and analysis software with capabilities to perform radome acquisition and analysis.


MI-3055 Range Control Software

MI-3055 Screenshot

The MI-3055 Range Control System Software package, in concert with actual hardware, can provide range management functions as a plug in for the MI-3000 Data Acquisition and Analysis Software


MI-3060 EIRP Analysis


EIRP Analysis software computes the EIRP of a transmitting antenna. Output of the analysis is a report or plot of EIRP or the original data file can be normalized for EIRP. Appropriate power meter or spectrum analyzer is required, as are appropriate couplers, etc.


MI-3061 Antenna Gain Calibration Analysis

MI-3061 Screenshot

The MI-3061 Antenna Gain Calibration software can compute the gain of one or more unknown antennas. This uses the two-antenna and three-antenna gain measurement techniques. The output of the analysis is a configuration file that is in the same format as the MI-3000 file that contains theoretical standard gain horn values. This allows new antennas to be added to the basic standard gain horn data table so that these antennas become new standards for use in other measurements.


MI-3062 Ground Plane Data Simulator

Ground Plane Data

For some measurement applications such as testing of antennas on automotive vehicles, spherical near-field data is collected over a ground plane. The presence of the ground plane limits measurements to one hemisphere or less about the device under test. This limitation introduces significant errors into the measurement as a result of truncation of the near-field data and other ground plane effects. The MI-3062 Ground Plane Data Simulator provides the user the capability of compensating for the effects of the ground plane by synthesizing appropriate data in the hemisphere near and below the ground plane.


MI-3063 Antenna Reflectivity Analysis

Antenna Reflectivity Screenshot

This analysis package accepts data taken on an antenna with a reflectometer kit such as the MI-3361 Reflectometer. The analysis accepts data files taken on calibration load, short and open conditions along with the data collected on the antenna. The user can enter and store inductive and capacitive calibration parameters for the open and short test loads. The output of the analysis is a report or plot of reflectivity, return loss or VSWR versus frequency for the antenna. This analysis software is especially useful when making in-system VSWR measurements of an antenna or radome.


MI-3064 Time Domain Analysis

MI-3064 Screenshot

In antenna ranges, extraneous signals can be introduced that contaminate the antenna pattern. These contaminating signals have longer path lengths and thus longer travel times than the primary, direct signal path. The time domain helps identify and separate these other signal paths. If the extraneous signals are separated in time from the desired signal, they can be filtered out with time domain processing.


MI-3065 Test Zone Analysis


The MI-3065 Test Zone Analysis Software is an integrated package for analyzing antenna range field probe data. It insures that processing is consistent and data results are presented in a uniform and organized manner.