Software & Workstations

altThe MI-3000 Family of Data Acquisition and Analysis Workstations provides state-of-the-art control of antenna, microwave component, radome and RCS measurement equipment.

This family of products combines to enable highly efficient range operations, data management, data presentation and analysis. MI has created an open architecture solution designed for use with MI-350 Advanced Microwave Measurement Systems, prior generation MI Technologies instrumentation or many third-party instruments and position control systems. No other antenna measurement software solution has the breadth, flexibility and performance of the MI-3000. Its ability to handle the wide range of acquisition management, data analysis and system control requirements of all kinds of measurement systems, old and new, is unmatched in the industry.

downloadpdfMI-3000 products offer the user an extensive array of features and options that provide solutions for the most demanding measurement requirements. MI Technologies has over 50 years of experience in measurement system design and manufacturing, as well as an extensive software library of automated measurement applications. The MI-3000 family enables users to fully automate the antenna measurement process from setup to analysis to reports. Productivity improvement solutions are more important in today’s business than ever before. As part of the MI-350 Advanced Microwave Measurement System, the MI-3000 provides the user the ability to take 10,000 quality measurements per second, which can provide tremendous productivity gains from as recently as a few years ago.

Each MI-3000 workstation includes MI-3000 Arena™. Read more about the MI-3000 Data Acquisition, Analysis Workstation here.

The Right Interface for the Right Task

The MI-3000 Arena™ user interface provides three different working environments that can be selected by the user to optimize efficiency. The three environments are:

  • Standard - All software functions can be accessed from the main screen, with many common operations such as plotting and analysis always available on the main working screen. The Standard environment recognizes what optional software is loaded and presents access to those options in an integrated fashion. The user can perform functions in any order desired.
  • Toolkit - In the Toolkit environment, the user can drag and drop any combination of software functions into a toolkit and then run the toolkit repeatedly with a single mouse click. Toolkits can be saved and recalled, edited and copied at will. In this way, the user can perform very complex acquisition, analysis and plot sequences without programming or scripting.
  • Quick Pattern - In the Quick Pattern environment, the user does not have to leave the main screen to take antenna patterns. All instrument configuration parameters are accessible as well as plotting and simple pattern analysis. The plotting function can be configured to accumulate traces as data is collected to provide quick pattern comparisons.

Analysis Packages

The MI-3000 Family of Data Acquisition and Analysis Software is designed as a modular suite of components. The user only needs to purchase the components required for their application or environment. Additional instrument drivers and software applications can be added as needed, with compatibility assured. The operational concept of the MI-3000 family is to provide single function building blocks along with a means to tie them together into complex data acquisition and analysis sequences. For example, simple measurements, plots and analyses can be configured, tested and used within minutes. For more complex operations, the MI-3000 supports Visual Basic® scripting operations, which can be tied together, to automate end-to-end acquisition, analysis and display operations with a single user selection.


The Evolution of Technology

The MI-3000 Family of Workstations integrates the Microsoft Windows® operating systems and MI-3000 software interfaces with commonly employed software tools such as Microsoft Office® and MatLab. MI-3000 configuration, data and output files are in the Microsoft Access® Database format. The MI-3000 Family of Software does not depend on any modifications to the operating environment. The MI-3000 software is supported on the Windows NT® and Windows XP® Professional operating systems for data acquisition operations and is supported on these operating systems and the Windows 2000® or Windows Vista® operating systems for off line analysis operations.