MI-7121 Family of High Capacity Turntables


The turntable platters are constructed of full metal, wedgeshaped sheets with a reinforced design. The outer rim of the platter is supported by a rolling ring and castor assembly which allows a vehicle to drive onto the turntable from any direction and be placed anywhere on the platter. The vehicle can be moved as needed to center the antenna at the point of rotation. downloadpdfThis important feature allows for a greater variety of measurement configurations. Such centering is not possible with a two-rail, single direction drive-on turntable. Flush-mounted AC outlets can be built into the table to power electronic devices that may assist in the vehicle’s system testing. Power is delivered through the slip ring to maintain test flexibility.

Each turntable can be configured with a variety of RF and electrical wiring options. Contact the factory to choose from a wide range of slip rings, RF rotary joints, exhaust air handling and cabling options.

  • Drive on from any direction
  • Weight centering not required
  • Payloads up to 154,000 lbs


MI-7121 -06 -11
Diameter 20 ft (6 m) 36 ft (11 m)
Payload 14,000 lbs (6,350 kg) 154,000 lbs (69,853 kg)
Accuracy ±0.1° avg. ±0.1° avg.
Maximum Rotation Speed 2.0 RPM 0.5 RPM
RF Rotary Joint 12.4 GHz 40 GHz
Slip Ring 24 conductor 84 conductor
Personnel Hatch Available No
Drive On Any Direction Yes Yes
In-table Ventilation Available Available
Electrical Outlets Available Available


A ground-level, drive-on turntable is the primary requirement for on-vehicle antenna testing and telematics. It can be combined with a far-field tower for azimuth plane measurements or with a gantry to provide full hemispherical coverage of the vehicle. These turntables are designed for outdoor use and for long lasting service in a variety of weather conditions. Often, however, the turntables are placed indoors requiring ventilation in the table to carry vehicle exhaust outside the chamber.

MI can help you optimize this design for either indoor or outdoor test facilities. Higher positioning accuracy may be available. We are also experienced in managing the appropriate in-ground site construction for a variety of applications. Please contact us for detailed configuration and planning of these large positioning solutions.