MI-6400 Family of Offset Arms and Linear Slides

downloadpdf6400slideOffset arms and linear slides often have highly specific requirements depending on the technical nature of the test solution and environment. MI Technologies has designed a large set of solutions with a wide variety of characteristics to meet the broadest applications space possible.

  • Adds flexibility to positioning systems stackups
  • Designed to maintain high precision positioning across the stackup
  • Durable, high quality design for high utilization and low maintenance


Length: From 2 ft. to over 60 ft.
Offset arms up to 12 ft.
Width: Up to 64 in.
Accuracy: Typically ±0.002 in.
Weight Capacity: Up to 75,000 lbs.
Moment Capacity: Up to 50,000 ft-lbs.
Drive: Manual
Speed: Up to 5 ft/min.
Drive Type: Lead screw
Rack and pinion
Feedback Types: Synchro
Linear encoder
Accessories: Cable management
Material: Steel weldment
Extruded aluminum