MI-56800 Family of Mounting Fixtures

MI-56811Manually adjustable mounting fixtures are recommended for attaching a polarization positioner to either a vertical or horizontal surface. These accessory fixtures provide positioner alignment in both azimuth and elevation. In addition to the manually adjustable units, the family includes fixtures equipped with DC drive motors to permit remote adjustment. All the MI-56800 models include provisions for installation in an outdoor enclosure.downloadpdf

The MI-56800 Family of Mounting Fixtures is recommended particularly where frequent positioning versus frequency realignment is anticipated. This requirement is encountered in a ground reflection ranges where the transmitting antenna height is adjusted with changes in signal frequency.

  • Ideal for ranges requiring routine signal source antenna realignments
  • Rugged construction assures superior reliability and longevity


56810 56820 56811 56821
Polarization Positioner 56260A, 56261A 56160A, 56161A,
56164A, 56165A
Adjustment Manual Motorized Manual Motorized
Azimuth and Elevation ±15 ±15 ±15 ±15
Net Weight: lbs (kg) 125 (57) 255 (116) 160 (76) 290 (132)