Motion Positioning Products

MI Technologies offers the widest variety of standard positioning equipment in the antenna measurement industry. Our positioning systems may be used to support and position test devices, antennas, radomes and test vehicles for antenna pattern measurement and tracking applications. Our precision motion and control equipment is accepted in a much broader range of uses such as automotive telematics, communications, general instrumentation and manufacturing processes.

MI Technologies' precision motion and positioning solutions allow our customers to accurately visualize and manage their technical processes to increase performance, output and productivity.

MI-603 Family of AZ/EL Positioners

201409220ositioner MI 603 003

  • Flagship AZ/EL Positioner Family
  • Payloads from 300 to 200,000 lbs.
  • Industry Leading Power-Density vs. Size
  • Precision Native Accuracy & Construction
  • All-Weather Design (Indoor/Outdoor)
  • Superior Reliability & Longevity
  • Sequential or Simultaneous Axis Motion
  • Durable Marine-Grade Finish


MI-10 Family of Coaxial Rotary Joints

MI-10A highly effective, long-wearing design is a major feature of the MI-10 Family of Coaxial Rotary Joints. For these models, the DC electrical connection is preserved by using precious metal contacting junctions.


MI-51000 Family of Azimuth Positioners

MI-51050The MI-51000 Family of Azimuth Positioners fall into two principle categories: medium-duty and heavy-duty. The MI-51050 and MI-51051 support medium loads up to 2,000 lbs while the MI-51150 through MI-51850 models provide precision mounting for test fixtures and antennas supporting loads up to 400,000 lbs.


MI-53000 Family of Azimuth-over-Elevation Positioners

MI-53050The MI-53000 Family of Azimuth-over-Elevation Positioners has two orthogonal axes which permit the simulation of spherical coordinate probe movement. This family of positioners offers a combination of the most desirable operational characteristics of the previously described azimuth positioners.


MI-640 Family of Floor Slides

MI-642The MI-640 Family of Floor Slides provides precision linear motion for positioning systems with high capacitites available to 72,000 lbs (32,700 kg). A modular design also allows for extensible travel lengths.


MI-54000 Family of Elevation-over-Azimuth Positioners

MI-54050 Positioner newcolorThe MI-54000 Family of Elevation-over-Azimuth Positioners permits the rotation of elevation at fixed positions of azimuth. The MI-54000 Family of Elevation-over-Azimuth Positioners is assembled in the (standard) eccentric configuration. All except the MI-54050 can easily be converted to the concentric configuration during installation.


MI-55000 Family of Azimuth-over-Elevation-over-Azimuth Positioners

MI-55450 Positioner new colors copy

The MI-55000 Family of Azimuth-over-Elevation-over-Azimuth Positioners is our most versatile family of positioners. The lower azimuth axis on these positioners allows precise pointing of the upper azimuth over elevation axes. Both eccentric and concentric configurations are available for most models. Note that an installed RF path through each positioner can be ordered as an option.


MI-56000 Family of Polarization Positioners

MI-56160The MI-56000 Family of Polarization Positioners is available to support maximum loads of up to 3,000 lbs. The bolt-hole pattern on the positioner turntable is compatible with MI Technologies transmitting antennas and the mounting flanges for MI Technologies standard gain horns. A throughcenter hole facilitates installation of coaxial cable, waveguide, rotary joints, and RF components.


MI-830 Family of RCS Pylons

MI-830 Pylon

The MI-830 Family of RCS Pylons provide safe and reliable target support for low-observable and RCS test and measurements. They cover a wide range of heights and boast load capacities up to 30,000 lbs (13,608 kg).


MI-6111 Family of Rotary Positioners

MI-6111 rotator 99005 transThe MI-6111 Family of Rotary Positioners is designed to fill roles in three major applications: azimuth positioning, antenna polarization positioning and compact range feed polarization positioning. For each of these applications a variation of the basic design of the MI-6111B has been implemented. The compact range configuration adds a special tilt housing and tower.


MI-840 Family of RCS Rotators


The MI-840 Family of RCS Rotators are typically used in a compact range or far-field measurement system to measure the radar signature of a device (target). These rotators sit atop a variety of RCS pylons and create a positioning system that combines high weight bearing, accurate positioning and low RF reflectivity.


MI-6400 Family of Offset Arms and Linear Slides

6400slideOffset arms and linear slides often have highly specific requirements depending on the technical nature of the test solution and environment. MI Technologies has designed a large set of solutions with a wide variety of characteristics to meet the broadest applications space possible.


Inductosyn Encoders

IndEncoder newcolorMI Technologies offers an encoder option for many positioner models that provides an axis position accuracy of 0.005° worst case peak error with 0.0001° resolution. The increased accuracy and resolution enhances total antenna measurement system performance beyond conventional synchro transducers and optical encoding techniques.


MI-8100 Family of Precision Two-Axis Gimbal Positioners


Incorporating direct drive motors and extremely accurate encoders, the MI-8100 Gimbals provide superb responsiveness and pointing accuracy. The MI-8120 Two-Axis Gimbal offers extreme accuracy by virtue of its direct drive motors that are structurally coupled to the encoders and the antenna/ counterweight system. Flexible couplings are absent, as are gears, timing belts and virtually all the conventional sources of positioning error in a mechanical drive. System stiffness is thereby greatly enhanced, and backlash is completely eliminated.


MI-6480 Family of Field Probes


In making precision antenna measurements, it is desirable to determine the nature of the incident field over the test aperture. This is necessary to evaluate field variations caused by extraneous signals arriving at the test aperture. The MI-6481 Phase/Amplitude Field Probes are designed to mount to a positioner for use in evaluating the field. These Phase/Amplitude Probes offer excellent linearity to evaluate the quality of the incident phase for even the most demanding applications.


MI-6500 Family of Masts

Mast solutions often have highly specific requirements depending on the technical nature of the test solution and environment. MI Technologies has a variety of mast products and solutions designed to fit a wide variety of size, weight, height, load bearing capacity, material and a broad array of other technical characteristics.

Please contact or Mike Murphy, Vice President Sales @ +1-678-475-8325 to help configure the right mast solution for you.

MI-7121 Family of High Capacity Turntables

MI-7121The turntable platters are constructed of full metal, wedgeshaped sheets with a reinforced design. The outer rim of the platter is supported by a rolling ring and castor assembly which allows a vehicle to drive onto the turntable from any direction and be placed anywhere on the platter. The vehicle can be moved as needed to center the antenna at the point of rotation. This important feature allows for a greater variety of measurement configurations.


MI-56800 Family of Mounting Fixtures


Manually adjustable mounting fixtures are recommended for attaching a polarization positioner to either a vertical or horizontal surface. These accessory fixtures provide positioner alignment in both azimuth and elevation. In addition to the manually adjustable units, the family includes fixtures equipped with dc-drive motors to permit remote adjustment.


MI-59000 Family of Source Towers

MI-59000The complete versatility of elevated or ground-level antenna testing on a single antenna test range can be achieved by incorporating the MI-59000 Family of Source Towers. This flexibility is made possible through extended vertical carriage travel and ease of installation and adjustment of equipment on the tower.


MI-4190 Family of Position Controllers (Replaced by MI-710C Integrated Position Controller)

MI-4190 Front2

Ethernet connectivity for control and position data allows for flexible system configuration and rapid data transfer in the MI-4190 Family of Position Controllers.