Motion & Positioning

MI Technologies’ precision motion control and positioner products are well established in the microwave and RF test and measurement market where our business has been a market leader for more than 50 years.

While the Company’s strength is grounded in the areas of antenna, radome, RCS and component measurements, MI Technologies' precision motion and control equipment is gaining acceptance in a much broader range of uses including the areas of automotive telematics, communications, general instrumentation and manufacturing processes.

Real Time Enhanced Accuracy Options

Many of today’s antenna measurement applications require extreme positioning accuracy. Sometimes these accuracy requirements are beyond the existing state-of-the-art in mechanical positioning systems. Because of this, MI Technologies developed techniques that are used to enhance the accuracy of the mechanical systems to meet today’s most demanding positioning requirements.



MI-54050 Positioner newcolorAntenna positioners can be rotational with single or multiple axes or translational in X, Y, Z co-ordinates. MI Technologies offers positioners for every test requirement. They are designed for configurability and are rugged, reliable and have a high capacity. All of MI's positioners are controllable by the MI-710C Family of Integrated Position Controllers.

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Field Probes


MI-6480 Family of Field Probes

In making precision antenna measurements, it is desirable to determine the nature of the incident field over the test aperture. This is necessary to evaluate field variations caused by extraneous signals arriving at the test aperture. The MI-6481 Phase/Amplitude Field Probes are designed to mount to a positioner for use in evaluating the field. These Phase/Amplitude Probes offer excellent linearity to evaluate the quality of the incident phase for even the most demanding applications.


Position Controllers


MI-710C Family of Integrated Position Controllers

The MI-710C Family of Integrated Position Controllers offer solutions for nearly every Motion Control Application – from precision placement and rotation of tools, targets or instruments in laboratories, test facilities or remote field locations – to complex multi-axis positioners and scanners.



MI-8100MI-8100 Family of Precision Two-Axis Gimbals

Incorporating direct drive motors and extremely accurate encoders, the MI-8100 gimbals provide superb responsiveness and pointing accuracy. The MI-8120 two-axis gimbal offers extreme accuracy by virtue of its direct drive motors that are structurally coupled to the encoders and the antenna/counterweight system. Flexible couplings are absent, as are gears, timing belts and virtually all the conventional sources of positioning error in a mechanical drive. System stiffness is thereby greatly enhanced, and backlash is completely eliminated.


Motion Positioning Products

SNF stackMI Technologies offers the widest variety of standard positioning equipment in the antenna measurement industry. Our positioning systems may be used to support and position test devices, antennas, radomes and test vehicles for antenna pattern measurement and tracking applications.

In addition, MI Technologies' precision motion and control equipment is accepted in a much broader range of uses such as automotive telematics, communications, general instrumentation and manufacturing procsses. MI Technologies' precision motion and positioning solutions allow our customers to accurately visualize and manage their technical processes to increase performance, output and productivity.

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