Signal Sources


MI-3120 Family of Synthesized Signal Sources

MI Technologies’ MI-3121 and MI-3122 Synthesized Signal Sources provides a fast, accurate and economical signal generation solution for a wide range of test and measurement applications. The source is designed to be used in test and measurement situations where remote RF and microwave frequency is required, making it ideal for antenna, radome and other microwave measurement applications.

downloadpdf By providing low phase noise, high output power across the full frequency range and fast frequency switching simultaneously, the MI-3121 synthesizer offers a tremendous value and at a competitive price. The combination of features makes the MI-3122 a ‘must have’ for many R&D as well as manufacturing environments. The MI-3121 and MI-3122 are rack mountable units with rack ears and front panel RF output.

  • Reduced test time with more accurate results
  • Easy to use front interface but well suited for ATE application
  • Easily integrates with MI-750 and MI-1797 Microwave Receiver
  • Operates with MI Technologies’ Automated Systems
  • Speeds tests and measurement processes with built in ability to store multiple lists of frequencies and power levels
  • Able to easily download large lists of frequencies and power levels to the synthesizer via a host computer with a provided interface
  • Remotely programmable interfaces include LAN, GPIB, RS-232 and USB
  • Minimal number of user screens for quick and easy set up
  • Recognizable icons, drop down menus for quick access to commands
  • 500 microsecond frequency switching typical
  • Low phase noise with high power across the full frequency range
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • CW and step sweep modes

The signal sources are offered in two frequency range configurations:

Model Frequency
MI-3121 0.01 - 20 GHz
MI-3122 2.0 - 20 GHz


 Frequency Range  MI-3121: 0.01 - 20.0 GHz
 MI-3122: 2.0 - 20.0 GHz
 Max RF Power Output  +17 dBm
 Frequency Switching Time  500 microseconds typical
 Output Accuracy  ± 1.0 dB
 Frequency Resolution  .001 Hz
 Frequency Stability vs. Temperature  2 x 10-8/deg C
 Level Drift  < 0.04 dB/deg C
 Spectral Purity


 10MHz - 100MHz : -40dBc
 0.1 - 20GHz : -50dBc
 -30dBc (typical)
 Remote Interface  10/100 BaseT Ethernet,
 GPIB, USB, RS-232
 Output Impedance  50 Ohms
 RF Output Connector  K-Female
 Operating Temperature  0-50 deg C
 Environmental  Compliant with MILPRF-28800F
 Class 3
 Dimensions  5.25”H x 17”W x 17.75”D
 133mmH x 429mmW x 450mmD
 Weight  44 lbs, 20 kg
 Power Requirements  85-264 VAC, 47 - 440 Hz, 250VA max.


RHD - Removable Hard Drive available
E - Export Version