MI-3361 Reflectometer


downloadpdfThe MI-3361 Reflectometer has been designed into a small package containing a switch, mixer, directional couplers and control hardware needed to enable reflection measurements in a distributed microwave measurement system. The MI-3000 Arena™ Data Acquisition and Analysis Software manages data collection with the MI-3361 Reflectometer. Calibration and data analysis is managed by the MI-3063 Antenna Reflectivity software module.



The MI-3361 Reflectometer enables reflection coefficient or VSWR measurements with the MI-750 or MI-1797 Microwave Receiver system. This allows basic power transmission tests to be made while the device is installed in the range. Local down conversion within the reflectometer allows for remote placement close to the device under test. This reduces the intrinsic measurement uncertainty of long cable runs.

Additional Information

For use with an MI-1797, Signal Source, MI-3001 Workstation with MI-3063 Antenna Reflectivity software and a short, open and matched load calibration standards kit. The MI-3320-C Switch control cable allows the receiver to alternate between transmit and reflected signals from the device under test. It also provides power to the MI-3361. 


MI-3320-C Switch Control Cable
MI-3063 Antenna Reflectivity Software
Contact factory for calibration kit solutions.


Measurements: VSWR, S11
Frequency Range: 2-18 GHz
Max RF In: 15 dBm
Min LO In: 10±3 dBm
Typical Power Out: 10±3 dBm
Size: 10 in x 8 in x 2.5 in (25 cm x 20 cm x 6 cm)