MI-757 Family of Frequency Multipliers


MI Technologies' MI-757 Family of Frequency Multipliers uses state-of the-art active devices for frequency multiplication and amplification (certain models) over the 18-110 GHz frequency range. These frequency multipliers provide a simple and economical approach to enhance and expand the frequency range of the MI-350 Advanced Microwave Measurement System featuring the MI-750 Advanced Digital Receiver.


The standard multiplier housing has an SMA female input port and a 2.92 mm (K-type) female coaxial connector output port for 18-40.0 GHz and WR-19 through WR-10 waveguide sizes for higher frequency bands. The multipliers operate with an MI-757-PS1-12V power supply with long power supply cables available.

The five models that comprise the MI-757 Family of Frequency Multipliers provide a simple and economical solution for reaching higher microwave frequencies in a variety of system applications, including antenna, radome and radar cross section test and measurement. 

All of the MI-757 Frequency Multipliers are compatible with the MI-3120 Family of Synthesized Signal Sources as well as select third-party signal sources.

  • Extends the operating frequency range of MI Technologies' signal sources up to 110 GHz
  • High output power over broad bandwidths
  • Reduced system cost by eliminating expensive millimeter band signal sources 


Multiplier Output Frequency Range
Multiplying Factor Input Frequency Range
RF Input Power
(dBm, max, no damage)
RF Input Power
(dBm, min)
RF Output Power
(dBm, min)
Conversion Gain
(dB, min)
(dBc, max)
MI-757-2X-18-40 18-40 2 9-20 20 12 15 3 -15
MI-757-3X-18-40 18-40 3 6-13.33 20 12 15 3 -8
MI-757-4X-40-60 40-60 4 10-15 20 12 3 -9 -15
MI-757-6X-60-90 60-90 6 10-15 20 12 3 -9 -15
MI-757-6X-75-110 75-110 6 12.5-18.33 20 10 4 dBm < 100 GHz
0 dBm > 100 GHz