MI-22 Family of Parabolic Reflectors


The MI-22 Family of Parabolic Reflectors feature optimum side-lobe bandwidth characteristics, high gain and waveguide band frequency coverage when used with a variety of interchangeable feeds.

MI-22 Reflectors are available in sizes from 1 to 10 feet in diameter and include feed support hardware and an interface mounting fixture. The feed support system can be used with different MI Technologies' feeds, thus extending the flexibility of each reflector.


Weights for specific feeds can be found in the specification section below.

Electrical alignment and focusing (with data supplied) can be furnished at additional cost. Contact the factory for additional information.


Dimensions* 22A-1 22A-2 22-4A 22-6C 22-8B 22-10A
Diameter, ft. (m.) 1 (0.3) 2 (0.6) 4 (1.2) 6 (1.8) 8 (2.4) 10 (3)
F/Diameter 0.375 0.375 0.375 0.400 0.373 0.298
Net Weight, lbs. (kg.) 8 (3.6) 12 (5.45) 46 (20.9) 80 (36.4) 175 (79.5) 235 (106.8)
Wind Load, 50 mph lbs. (kg.) 10 (4) 39 (18) 156 (71) 351 (160) 625 (284) 977 (444)

 * All dimensions are in inches, except as noted.

Ordering Information

When ordering a Model 22-xx Parabolic Reflector, please make note of the recommended feed (see compatibility table below) for your particular choice to ensure proper performance. Each reflector includes the feed support hardware and the interface mounting fixture for the feeds listed in the compatibility table.


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