altMI Technologies’ Customer Support Center is your comprehensive source for high impact, results-oriented test range training and certification programs. Our training programs ensure that your technicians are prepared to meet the changing needs of your test range investment. A well-trained staff helps ensure uninterrupted and trouble free operation of your range facility.

downloadpdfFlexible Programs

We can customize our class types, curricula, subject matter, instruction mix and teaching venues to meet your company’s unique requirements. We offer everything from comprehensive courses on test range operations and measurements, to focused operational and maintenance training for specific equipment.

Test Staff Evaluation and Certification

We offer test staff competency evaluation and certification programs to help ensure that you get the most from your range equipment investment. For those customers that maintain an internal training department, we offer train-the-trainer sessions with advanced topics and classes.

  • Class Type: Standard courses can be customized to differing levels of instruction. Options include broad orientations for managers and executives and detailed training for engineers and technicians.
  • Curricula: Three levels of instruction are offered ranging from single courses on numerous topics, full training programs and operator competency and certification programs. Each level is customized to help our customers train, evaluate, and certify the skills of their staff.
  • Subject Matter: Our classes and training programs cover the test and measurement spectrum from fundamental test range topics to courses devoted to specific range instrumentation products.
  • Instruction Mix: Our training includes a mixture of classroom instruction and hands-on practice with the equipment to provide each student real-world test and measurement experience.
  • Venue: Training is available at MI Technologies’ headquarters or on-site at your facility

Proven Experience

We continuously update our course content to reflect current topics that are relevant to today’s market. Our trainers are practitioners in the field with proven industry experience recognized internationally for delivering consistent, high quality instruction.

Fundamental Course Topics

  • Applied Electromagnetics
  • Antenna Theory
  • Antenna Ranges: Theory and Practice
  • Radome Ranges: Theory and Practice
  • Far-field Ranges: Theory and Practice
  • Compact Ranges: Theory and Practice
  • Planar Near-field Ranges: Theory and Practice
  • Cylindrical Near-Field Ranges: Theory and Practice
  • Spherical Near-Field Ranges: Theory and Practice
  • Measurement Techniques: Theory and Practice
  • System Level Range Testing
  • Range Instrumentation

Product Specific Course Topics

  • MI-3000 Arena™ Data Acquisition, Analysis and Workstation Products
  • A Flexible Automatic Measurement System for Any Range (The MI-350)
  • A Family of RF & Microwave Synthesizers & Sources (The MI-3120)
  • The Fastest, Most Versatile Microwave Receiver Today (The MI-750)
  • A State of the Art Family of Position Controllers (The MI-710C)
  • The Largest Family of Positioners
  • A Family of Precision Planar Near-Field Scanners (The MI-6910)