Range Operations Management


Resource management and leasing have become standard business practices in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven market environment. The bottomline benefits are obvious; organizations conserve cash and eliminate the need to hire, train and support a dedicated test staff as well as procure equipment. Instead, they retain an independent provider to oversee test operations with procurement options. MI Technologies provides a broad range of resource management and leasing options.

downloadpdfMI Technologies offers a full spectrum of flexible range operations management services. We work with you to customize our three service plans; Range Operator, Range Manager and Range Leasing Service to fit your business, technology and budgetary needs. Depending on your requirements, we can deliver stand-alone services or provide complete lifecycle management services.

Our Range Operator option is designed for customers who have critical test programs, require the security of facility ownership and infrequently use their range. By outsourcing measurement staff, organizations eliminate the cost associated with maintaining personnel who are underutilized during slow periods. It provides a pay-as-you-go approach for test labor management, while delivering significant budgetary advantages.

Our Range Manager option extends the scope of range operation service by including complete facility management. The service allows you to select the level of asset and staff service management you require. In addition to constructing and equipping a test range, we can operate and maintain the range, assuming all responsibility for staffing and training, calibration and maintenance. For each test program, we can perform needs analysis, prepare test plans and procedures, design and construct test fixtures and specialized electronics interfaces, perform the measurements, analyze the data and prepare test reports. You get the maximum benefit of our experience to free you to focus on your core competencies and your customer. 

Lifecycle Phases: Any Phase

Range Leasing Service

MI Technologies offers two range leasing plan options:

Operating Lease Plan benefits customers who wish to lease equipment without any obligation to make a purchase at the end of the term. An operating lease is a long term rental and MI Technologies retains equipment ownership. You benefit from the low monthly payment in return for a minimum term commitment. Operating leases are a tool for managing technology assets and financial performance. The payments on an operating lease are expensed as paid. At the end of the operating lease term, you have the option to continue to rent on a month-to-month basis, buy the equipment, renew your lease for a fixed term or return the equipment to us.

Capital Lease Plan enables customers to preserve capital while enjoying the benefits of new equipment. A capital lease is similar to a loan and allows the lessee to build equity in the asset. This plan allows you to level out your cash flow. You enjoy the benefits of ownership while managing your cash flow and equipment expenditures. Ownership of the asset transfers to the lessee at the end of the term. Accounting rules require you to consider a capital lease as a type of financing and to treat it like a purchase. You must show the asset and lease liability on your balance sheet and expense interest and depreciation during the lease term.

Resource Management Benefits

  • Full complement of flexible plans
  • Greater organization effectiveness
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Financial and human resources savings
  • Shortened innovation cycles with enhanced productivity
  • Lean and agile organization
  • Better focused on core competencies
  • Tailored to your specific needs
  • Confidence in the industry’s customer support leader
  • Assured success from a sound implementation plan

Equipment Leasing Benefits

  • Increase return on investment
  • Optimized cash flow from lower monthly payment
  • Lower maintenance administration
  • Cash conservation
  • Lower tax base
  • Elimination of used equipment sales
  • Better management of changing technology needs
  • Protection against obsolescence
  • Reduced corporate taxes
  • Preserve credit with reduced financial leverage

Partner With the Leader, Benefit From Experience

MI Technologies’ technical innovations have helped to build the foundation for the RF and Microwave Test and Measurement Industry. Our business experience, combined with our strong commitment to customer support enable us to create our unique approach to range resource measurement.

Partner with MI Technologies, the leader in test range research, innovations and technology. Let us put our 50 years of experience, our talent, skills and knowledge to work for you to ensure your success.