Test Services in MI's Ranges


Make Our Range, Your Range  Whether you need help with excess capacity or cannot justify the expense of a dedicated staff and facilities. 

Leverage our 50 years of experience in the antenna and radome test business. Our test and measurement facilities, coupled with our highly experienced staff are available now to support your testing requirements.

  • Industry leading expertise in antenna and radome measurement techniques
  • 3 indoor, automated, far-field and near-field ranges configurable for your needs
  • Complete turn-key testing services
  • Facilities equipped for Satellite, Defense, Wireless and Automotive applications
  • Based on your needs, MI's engineers and/or technicians may write the test procedures and provide reports summarizing the test results  

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MI Technologies brings state-of-the art processes and systems into its anechoic chambers. This environment contains MI’s industry-leading equipment and instruments. The ranges maintain a trained staff of engineers, technicians and support personnel, familiar with measurement systems, target support systems, model/fixture design and fabrication, and data acquisition/processing systems. 

Our near-field ranges can be configured to conduct planar, spherical or cylindrical measurements and the spherical near-field scanner can also be configured for far-field measurements.

MI’s in-house compact range with an anechoic chamber and a 6 ft cylindrical quiet zone is designed for accurate, indoor antenna, radome and radar cross section (RCS) measurements. It can also be used for free space far-field measurements and includes a full suite of RF and microwave instrumentation and data analysis tools with dedicated radome positioning equipment.

Level of Support

MI Technologies offers broad levels of testing support that can be tailored to your specific needs.

  • Turn-Key: MI Technologies completely defines the test plan, performs the testing and reports findings with analysis as specified by the customer.
  • Time & Materials: The customer provides the test plan and performs on-site direction of the tests, while MI Technologies provides the test range, test system operator and resulting test data.

Testing Volume

Our full-service range can support prototype through full production testing.


Antenna Testing

Whether you need to test in the near-field, far-field or a compact range, MI can provide accurate and fast results.

Radome Testing

We have dedicated radome testing equipment and instrumentation that can be applied to a wide range of requirements, from basic DO-213 testing to custom military requirements that push the limits of today’s measurement techniques.

RCS Testing

We utilize our Compact Range and MI-3048 RCS Analysis Software Option to quickly and accurately process data acquired in an RCS acquisition.


There is no better in the industry to test your antenna designs and ensure they are performing as designed. We can measure:

  • Gain
  • Beamwidth
  • Bandwidth
  • Polarization and Efficiency on Most Yagi, Panel, Patch, Log Periodic, Dipole, Compact Embedded and Conformal and Monopole Antennas
  • Radiation Patterns
  • Axial Ratio
  • Directivity

Characterized and Calibrated

All measuring and test equipment used are traceable to the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). Our calibration laboratory has applied for A2LA Certification through the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation organization and quality system controls are compliant with ISO 9000.

Complete Turn-Key Equipment and Services

Industry leading consulting expertise available to assist in analyzing measurement solutions

  • Engineering staff available for design of custom positioning solutions, design of custom test fixtures and cabling
  • Create custom test plans
  • Data analysis and reports
  • Each range comes fully equipped with MI Technologies’ MI-3000 Arena™ Data Acquisition and Analysis Software, Advanced Receiver, Integrated Position Controller and Microwave Signal Sources
  • A full suite of RF and microwave signal sources, mixers, multipliers, multiplexers and positioners
  • A fully stocked machine shop for fixture fabrication
  • A wiring group can assemble custom cable assemblies
  • A beam steering interface that can be customized to your array needs
  • If you currently have an MI Technologies’ measurement system, we can run your custom test scripts to maintain test consistency and save time

Range Specifications

  Large Anechoic Chamber:

  Size: 224 ft wide x 40 ft deep x 25 ft tall with adjacent control room
  Frequency Range:   2 to 94 GHz
  Data Acquisition:   Fully-automated system for all range configurations, controlled by
MI-3000 Data Acquisition and Analysis Workstation
  Configuration Options:


  Indoor Far-Field
  Compact Range
  Spherical Near-Field


  Compact Range Configuration
      Amplitude Variation
      Phase Variation
      Test Zone

  1 dB Amplitude Taper Typical
  Less than 10°, 20° above 18 GHz
  Cylindrical 4 ft (1.2 m) Diameter x 4 ft (1.2 m) Length
  Positioning Equipment:


  Standard systems provide four axes of AUT control in roll-over-
  azimuth-over-elevation-over-slide. Many alternative positioning
  components and
fixtures available.


  Maximum Test Loads:    Up to 3,000 lbs

  Small Anechoic Chambers:

  Size:   15 ft wide x 20 ft deep x 15 ft tall, adjacent to control room 
  Frequency Range:   1 to 94 GHz
  Data Acquisition:

  The MI-3000 can acquire most standard range parameters such
amplitude, phase, polarization and gain measurements.

  Configuration Options:

  Planar Near-Field with 3 ft x 3 ft (1 m x 1 m) Scan Area

  Cylindrical Near-Field with 3 ft (1m) Vertical Scan and 0-360°
    Azimuth Scan

  Spherical Near-Field with Full Sphere Scan. 11 ft (3.3 m)
    Max Probe to Mount Distance

  Positioning Equipment:

  Standard systems provide a roll-over-azimuth-over-floor slide
  capability. Many alternative fixtures and configurations available.

  Maximum Test Loads:   Up to 1,000 lbs