Your Own Radome Measurement Test System

Radome under test

You need after-repair testing on your premise capable of making measurements described in the widely referenced document RTCA/DO-213. 

MI Technologies offers radome testing solutions to achieve compliance with RTCA/DO-213 requirements. Today’s military and downloadpdf RADOME2commercial aircraft carry a vast array of antennas for specialized and vital functions. Communications, navigation, weather and fire control antennas must perform as specified to meet safety and mission requirements. Radomes must conceal and protect antennas without interfering with or degrading transmit/receive capabilities.

MI Technologies’ commercial radome systems are intended for after-repair testing of commercial aircraft radomes. After-repair, radome testing is usually, but not always, limited to transmission efficiency. Sidelobe Level (SLL) measurements are also available if the radomes are being tested in a Quality Assurance/Production test environment. Test systems are available in both C band (5.3 Ghz to 5.74 GHz) and X band (9.3 Ghz to 9.5 GHz) frequency ranges.


Radome Report

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An improperly manufactured or repaired radome can result in:

  • Reduced radar range or signal loss
  • Distortion and displacement of target weather phenomena (i.e. a line of thunderstorms directly ahead may appear to be off to the left or right)
  • Clutter on the display obscuring the target
  • Improper wind shear avoidance performance

Thus, it is critical that electrical properties are carefully controlled and measured during the design, manufacturing and repair process.

RF Stability:

DO-213 requires system level repeatability of +/-2% power or less than
+/- 0.08dB throughout the span of the radome test.

Key Features:

  • No moving cables in our system
  • Highly repeatable rotary joints in the two antenna axes (no other moving RF parts)
  • Antenna alignment does not depend on radome positioner accuracy or dynamics
  • System antenna and range are precisely and permanently aligned
  • Built-in compensation for drift in source, cables and amplifier

Owning Your Own:

A turn-key test system with your test plan in your own facility!


  • Complete Assurance of Fidelity and Accuracy of Requirements
  • Easy to Use and Maintain
  • You’ll have MI as a partner who can help you through the entire process from program inception and over the life cycle of the radome system.
  • Low Cost -- You get the most affordable system on the market today
  • Test results capable of meeting or exceeding RTCA/DO-213
  • System software generates automatic test results
  • It’s scalable! You are capable of future expansion.
  • No more shipping to and from a test facility
  • It’s Yours! Turn your down-time into a return by offering your own test services.

Product Options

Anechoic Enclosure Options

  • Full Turn-key Anechoic Shielded Chamber
  • Full Turn-key Anechoic Enclosure
  • Anechoic Enclosure Kit Instructions

* All anechoic chambers and enclosures include the installation of 8” pyramidal RF absorber, lighting, and air vents.

Positioning System

  • Radome Positioner
  • Test Antenna Positioner
  • Source Antenna Positioner
  • Position Control Electronics and Software

RF Measurement System

  • RF Measurement Instrumentation
  • Cables, Adaptors, Amplifiers to form a complete system
  • Data Acquisition and Analysis Workstation

Support Options

  • Site Survey, Installation
  • Training
  • Annual Maintenance and Calibration

System Accessories

  • Sidelobe Measurement Extension Kit
  • Radome Specific Mounting Adaptors
  • System Antennas
  • Radome Specific Test Scripts