Spherical Near-Field Range

Spherical-Near-Field-StackIn contrast to the far-field systems, measurements in a near-field chamber are not restricted by the far-field distance criterion. In a near-field range the entire field across a defined coordinate system is carefully measured. Then, extensive post-processing is used to calculate the far-field effects and extrapolate the measurement results.

Spherical small

MI Technologies offers a series of positioners, probes and antennas to provide a complete solution for spherical near-field measurements. Primarily this includes the MI-350 Advanced Microwave Measurement System, with the MI-3046 Spherical Near-Field software. The example Spherical Near-Field Measurement System shown provides a number of advantages to users with special measurement needs. The test antenna is scanned in one angular axis and stepped in an orthogonal angular axis while the probe is fixed in space.

Turn-key Spherical Near-Field Systems can be provided with shielded chambers and absorber products as well as the measurement and positioning equipment. MI Technologies’ program management and system engineering capabilities provide the project management and technical skills needed to insure the success of complex projects.

Spherical Arch Scanners


MI-6850 Family of Spherical Arch Scanners

MI Technologies is pleased to offer the MI-6850 Family of Spherical Arch Scanners for spherical near-field antenna measurements. This accurate scanner supports spherical near-field testing on antennas up to 10 meters in diameter.

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MI-3046 Spherical Near-Field Analysis

MI-3046 Screenshot

The SNF Analysis Software processes raw spherical near-field data acquired with the MI-3041 acquisition module. The software allows the far-field results to be presented in a variety of spherical coordinate systems and polarization systems.