Aerospace & Defense

imageMI Technologies offers near-field, far-field and Compact Range technologies and expertise in tailoring radome, antenna and millimeter wave measurement solutions for airborne, shipborne, vehicular and other platforms. While the Company’s strength is grounded in the areas of antenna, radome, and radar cross section measurements, MI Technologies capabilities in engineering and software development and its extensive line of electromechanical products may be applied to a much broader range of uses within aerospace and defense. We provide the ability to design and manufacture systems that characterize the full-scale device (if required) under test. Our radome measurement solutions offer our defense and commercial customers the lowest cost alternative in the industry today. Our systems allow for measurement of transmission efficiency, beam deflection, boresight error, antenna pattern distortion, sidelobes and reflectivity for both commercial and defense aircrafts.

MI Technologies provides the defense and aerospace industries, either directly with them, or through prime contractors effective and efficient solutions. MI Technologies introduced the world to microwave measurement systems over five decades ago and continues to build on that legacy. Today our innovative products, systems and services lead the industry in setting new standards for tomorrow’s performance.

MI Technologies' solutions for Aerospace and Defense: